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KeMarie Alexis Caldwell

Studying at: Tennessee State University

Baptist Ministers’ Conference Scholarship 2016

Being a Qualified Christian for this Baptist Ministers’ Conference Scholarship

Speech of Kamarie Caldwell

Philippians 4:13 states that, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” My name is Kamarie Caldwell, 17 years of age, senior standing attending Bishop Noll Institute. Per God’s blessings, I am the only child and grandchild to attend college. My educational aspiration after graduating from Bishop Noll is to attend Tennessee State University with an anticipated major in Physical Therapy. Reasoning behind choosing physical therapy was because I experienced my grandmother battle an unforeseen illness which made physical therapy a major aspect in her road to recovery after God’s own restoration on her life. Upon receiving my degree, it is my plan to perform in the medical field and one day establish my own physical therapy business.

It is truly the desire of mine own self to receive this scholarship because I believe that I am persistent while having the ability to overcome obstacles; striving to become a willing worker in God’s kingdom at Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. I have the ability to follow through with the amounts of work that it would most definitely take to achieve my goals, dreams as well as ambitions. Firmly believing in myself, it is understandably known that with this scholarship, it has the utmost capability of building the foundation needed to structuralize me and to produce a young black Christian educated woman of God, who can make a difference in today’s society. Making a difference in this Gary community and being able to give back has always been my dream. After marching to Pomp & Circumstance umpteen times and establishing a successful career, I plan to come back to Gary, Indiana and build the EKKO Physical Therapy Center. This center would create job opportunities for those persons that are interested in physical therapy and the overall medical field.

Attending an accredited four year institution in today’s society while going through the ranks to receive my bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctorate degrees can most definitely hurt the finances of our family members. With this scholarship, it would help spur on my education without creating a financial burden for my family. It is well known that my family and church family will ultimately sacrifice time, money and efforts to help me reach my goal and to be successful as long as I am serious about education. I am committed to working hard to make my dreams a reality and I remain humbly grateful for opportunities such as this to help further my education and to give back to Gary. My desires outweigh my obstacles and I believe that with God, all things are possible and together we can if we think we can! Thank you and God bless!